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With unpredictable weather, storms are a common occurrence, which is why its important to be prepared in order to protect your property. We promote taking proactive measures to protecting your home such as planning ahead and taking precautions in order to protect your home from storm damage.

Storm preparedness includes planning for high winds, hurricanes and thunderstorms or flooding. By preparing an emergency kit and securing your property you can be prepared should a storm alert come into play. Taking simple steps like this can help to protect your home and to keep you safe.

If you need any assistance with preparing for a storm and safeguarding your property, or have experienced storm related damage to your home, then Home Damage Response is on hand to assist. We are committed to helping you to protect and restore your home.

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Storm Preparedness Kit

Storm Preparedness for Your Property

When it comes to protecting your property against storms you can take proactive steps to mitigate damage, here are some considerations:

Property Evaluation and Vulnerability Assessment:

  • Conduct an evaluation of your property to identify vulnerabilities
  • Take a look at the condition of roofs, windows and doors to check for any indications of damage to be repaired
  • If you have any issues with drainage systems ensure these are rectified to prevent water intrusion

Storm-Resistant Building Materials:

  • Consider using storm resistant building materials to reinforce your property
  • During storms, debris may be flying around, you may want to consider enforcing doors and windows or installing storm resistant ones
  • Reinforce the roof to help mitigate damage and leaks

Secure Outdoor Items:

  • Lock away any outdoor items that could be disrupted in a storm
  • Secure large trees near your property
  • Reinforce or replace older garage doors with those designed to withstand high winds

Emergency Kit and Supplies:

  • Create an emergency kit with essential supplies, incase you become trapped in your home
  • Have a battery powered or hand cranked radio to stay informed

Safety Precautions:

  • Discuss an evacuation plan with your family if you’re in a high risk State
  • Keep fire extinguishers (if you have them) smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in good order

Property Insurance:

  • Take a look over your property insurance policy to understand the coverage for storm damage

Regular Maintenance:

  • Ensure your property is regularly maintained
  • Remove dead trees to ensure these do not become an issue in a storm
  • Ensure all drains are clear and working properly

At Home Damage Response we’re committed to helping you strengthen your property to withstand the impact of storms. Our experienced team can assist you with storm related damage to your homes.

Dial (866) 899 5969 and talk to our experts about protecting your property.

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Before the Storm: Planning and Safety

It’s important to plan ahead when there is an alert for storms in your area. Taking proactive measures can help to reduce storm related damage to your home and will help to keep you safe.

Create a Comprehensive Preparedness Plan:

Planning and preparing for a storm can help to keeo your property secure in a storm. Planning may include mapping out an evacuation plan or having emergency contact details at hand should a storm hit.

Assemble an Emergency Kit:

An emergency kit is a good way to ensure you are prepared should you be unable to leave your home for a significant period of time due to a storm. This could include a first aid kit and non perishable food and drinks.

Stay Informed:

Stay up to date with storm related news and guidance by using a hand held radio incase of a power outage.

By taking some basic precautions ahead of a storm you can help to mitigate damage to your property and keep it secure. If you need assistance following a storm our team are available 24 hours a day to take your call. At Home Damage Response, we ensure that your property is safely returned to its pre damaged condition.

Storm Preparedness and Safety FAQ

Storm preparedness is the process of planning and taking precautions to safeguard your property in the event of a storm. This can include hurricanes, tornadoes or even thunderstorms. It is important to be prepared in order to minimize damage caused by storms.

To create a storm preparedness plan you could start by looking for potential hazards, such as dead trees or  garden furniture that isn’t anchored down. Keep ontop of general maintenance top your property and reinforce doors and windows if a storm is predicted.

You could include food items that are non perishable, plenty of water, batteries and a handheld radio to stay informed. You could also include blankets to keep you warm and other home comforts.

There are plenty of ways to stay informed about an impending storm. Local news websites, watching the weather updates on TV and meteorological platforms are good sources for getting updates during a storm.

Keeping your property secure is really important in order to prevent unnecessary damage to your home. You can secure windows, doors and roofs with storm resistant materials. Keep drains unblocked to avoid water build up and ensure any furniture outdoors is anchored down.

If you require assistance when it comes to preparing for a storm assessing the condition of your property or mitigating any damage that may occur Home Damage Response is here to assist you. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to provide guidance and restoration services following a storm. Feel free to contact us at (866) 899 5969 to discuss any concerns or questions you have related to storms. Our guidance doesn’t replace government advice but instead acts as a helpful guide to help mitigate damage to your home.

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