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Storms are unpredictable and can often cause damage to properties. Storms come in varying forms from strong winds and hail to hurricanes. This can cause damage to roofs, windows and the structural integrity of homes. Home Damage Responses storm damage restoration services address the full extent of storm damage, from repairing roofs, preventing water intrusion and ensuring your home is made safe.

Whether you’re on the East Coast, Gulf Coast or anywhere in between, Home Damage Response is dedicated to providing storm damage restoration services nationwide.

Rapid-Response Storm Damage Restoration Services

Acting quickly when your property has been damaged by a storm will help to mitigate any further damage and ensure your home is safe and secure. We’re proud to offer a rapid-response to storm damage and are available 24/7 to assist you.

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Comprehensive Storm Restoration Services

Once a storm subsides homeowners are often left with different types of storm damage, from fallen trees, high winds or in some cases flooding. Home Damage Response offers inspections and repairs to fix not only the visible damage but also structural repairs that aren’t always evident at first glance. We also work closely with homeowners to mitigate secondary damage like mold growth.

Our storm damage restoration services include:

  • Thorough inspections and assessments
  • Restoration of wind damaged areas including roof repair
  • Repair and restoration of water damage and flood damage
  • Water removal, structural drying and cleanup
  • Mold inspections and remediation
  • Fire damage restoration

When a storm has caused damage to your home the situation can be overwhelming but we are here to help you to navigate the restoration process and ensure your property is returned to its original condition. Once we have assessed the damage to your property, we offer a comprehensive restoration service to ensure your home is fully repaired and restored.

Storm Restoration: Ensuring Your Safety

It’s important to address damage caused by storms quickly in order to make your property safe and secure. Storms can damage the structural integrity of buildings, leave behind hazardous material and even contaminated water. We’re experienced in working quickly to address these issues and protect your home from further damage.

These are just some of the steps that we take to ensure your home is restored to a safe condition:

Quick Action: Our first priority is to take immediate action when a storm has caused damage to your home. We focus on securing your property in order to prevent any further damage. We then start the cleanup process to make your home safe.

Improving Air Quality: We use cutting edge air filtration systems that are designed to eliminate dangerous particles, like dust, soot, mold and other harmful contaminants caused by storms.

Assessing Structural Integrity: Storms can cause a range of damage to a property including damaging the structural properties that keep your house structurally sound. We assess the damage caused by storms and ensure your homes support systems and structures are restored.

Water Cleanup: With storms, you often find that water has intruded into the property from damaged roofs or flooding. In some cases, the property will contain harmful contaminants and the build up of water could increase the likeliness of mold growth. We remove standing water and decontaminate your home as part of our comprehensive cleanup process. Ensuring your property is safe and habitable to return to.

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Understanding the Costs of Storm Damage Restoration

When you’ve been affected by a particularly destructive storm it’s important to understand the costs associated with repairing the damage. While exact figures can only be determined after a thorough assessment, these are some key factors that might influence the costs associated with storm damage restoration:

Extent of Damage: The scale and severity of the damage can effect the cost of the repair work. Smaller scale damage is obviously less costly than more extensive restoration. A thorough assessment will help you to understand the extent of the damage to your home.

Type of Damage: Storms can cause different types of damages to your home, from water damage, structural damage or damage to your roof.  Each type of damage may require different restoration methods which affect the cost.

Salvageable Belongings: Your personal belongings might be damaged during a storm and some of these might not be salvageable. You’ll need to check your insurance policy to understand whether it covers the cost of replacing your home contents.

Structural Repairs: Structural repairs often involve higher costs due to the complexity and expertise required to ensure your home is structurally sound.

Cleaning and Debris Removal: Storms often bring with them debris and contaminants which require removal and cleaning services.

Water Damage: Water from heavy rains can cause damage if it enters the home via a leaky roof or flooding. The cost of water damage restoration depends on the scale of the issue, whether there is standing water that needs removing, cleanup of contaminants and dehumidification to remove any moisture from the property that could lead to mold issues if left untreated.

Insurance Coverage:  Your insurance policy might cover the full restoration costs and replacement of damaged contents. It’s important to check your policy to understand what is and isn’t included as this will determine how much money you will have to contribute toward the cost of restoration.

Additional Services: Depending on your specific circumstances, you may incur other costs such as temporary housing or content storage. You should consider this when assessing the overall cost.

Although it can come at a cost, cost cutting and low quality repairs are not advisable when it comes to the structural integrity of your home. Ensuring your property is safe and secure is one of our top priorities and we offer quality restoration services to ensure your home is successfully returned to its original condition and minimizing the chances of longer term issues.

Storm Restoration Process

Our Proven Storm Damage Restoration Process


Inspection and Assessment

We start by conducting a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the storm damage on your property. Our experts carefully evaluate the structural damage, identify any potential safety risks and determine the specific restoration requirements.


Secure The Property

Ensuring the safety of your property is our top priority. If the storm has compromised the security of your premises, we take immediate action to secure vulnerable areas. This may involve boarding up windows, reinforcing doors and addressing any entry points to prevent further damage or unauthorized access.


Water Extraction and Drying

Storms often result in water damage, which can lead to structural issues and mold growth. We utilize advanced water extraction equipment and cutting edge drying techniques to swiftly eliminate excess moisture from your property. This ensures thorough drying and helps prevent additional damage.


Cleanup and Debris Removal

Storms can leave behind debris such as fallen trees, branches and other hazardous materials. Our team efficiently removes debris from affected areas while ensuring proper sanitization. We clear the property to create a safe environment for restoration work.


Structural Repairs

Depending on the severity of the storm, there may be structural damage that needs attention. Our skilled professionals assess and repair compromised structural elements with utmost care, ensuring both safety and stability for your property. We work diligently towards restoring your property to its pre storm condition.


Finishing Touches

Once all structural repairs are complete, we ensure that your home is returned to its pre-damaged condition, ensuring that all finishing touches are thought about so that you can move back into your home with your belongings and get back to everyday life.

Storm Damage Restoration Services for Homeowners

Our storm damage restoration services for homeowners include a wide range of solutions to not only repair homes but also mitigate further damage from occurring. We start with assessing the damage including the structural issues of your home, this includes damaged roof and windows, water damage and structural repairs.

We act quickly to prevent any further issues from arising and to ensure your property is safe in the first instance. Aside from immediate repairs, we also ensure water damage is effectively managed through our water cleanup and removal services and implement preventative measures against future storms.

One of the key advantages of using a storm damage restoration company like ours is our comprehensive approach to restoration. Ensuring that the restoration process is fully managed to take away the stress of the restoration process while keeping you updated every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your first priority should be ensuring the safety and well being of everyone in your household. Once everyone is safe, it’s essential to document the damage by taking photos and videos for insurance purposes. You can then reach out to a professional storm damage restoration service such as Home Damage Response to evaluate and address the damage.

To prevent additional water from entering your home, it’s advisable to cover any damaged areas with tarps or plywood. Make sure you keep a record of any temporary repairs made, as this will be useful for insurance claims. It’s also important not to dispose of any damaged items until they have been properly documented.

While most homeowner’s insurance policies offer coverage for storm and hurricane damages, it’s crucial to note that the extent of coverage can vary. To understand the specifics of your coverage, it is recommended that you get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible and initiate a claim accordingly.

The duration required for the restoration process depends on the severity of the damage incurred. Minor repairs can typically be completed within a few weeks, while more extensive damage may require several months for restoration. Our main goal at Home Damage Response is to restore properties efficiently without compromising on quality.

Absolutely, storm damaged properties can present safety risks such as structural instability, electrical hazards and the potential for mold growth. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and have professionals assess and address these risks promptly.

Depending on the extent of the damage, finding temporary housing may be necessary.

Home Damage Response offers a comprehensive range of services including damage assessment, water removal, structural repairs and mold remediation.

To reach out to Home Damage Response regarding our storm and hurricane damage restoration services, you can call us at (866) 899 5969

We’re here around the clock to address any storm damage restoration needs you might have.

It would be wise to reinforce your property by installing impact resistant windows, strengthening your roof and securing any outdoor items that could potentially become projectiles. Additionally, putting together an emergency kit and devising an evacuation plan will help ensure the safety of your family.

Absolutely! Home Damage Response offers storm damage restoration services throughout the entire United States.

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